Here is what we do

PortaPeople provides businesses and organizations with specialized systems and solutions to boost organizational productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimization

We help you save up to 40% on salaries, We provide you with needed calibers with the best quality in the Egyptian Market. Read More

Quality Talent

PortaPeople provides you with the exact-match qualified potential employees to the positions you are seeking to fill. Read More


Our services are tailored to your own business needs. You have the flexibility to choose between full time and part time according to your business need.

Transparent Communication

You will have all tools to monitor, manage day to day tasks for your offshore employees. Read More

Time Saving

You don’t need to waste your time in the hassle of interviewing, recruiting and training. Read More

New Opportunities

Leverage new opportunities by outsourcing your projects and focusing on your strengths.

Virtual Teams ServicesProviding on demand virtual teams and technical skills to increase the efficiency of teams and corporate departments.

IT Outsourcing
  • Web Programmer.
  • SharePoint Developer.
  • JavaScript developer.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Help desk.
Media Outsourcing
  • Animator.
  • Art director.
  • Audio & video technician.
  • Post production  manager.
  • Graphic designer.
Marketing Outsourcing
  • Digital marketing specialist.
  • SEO sales executive.
  • Senior content developer.
  • Client services specialist.

Projects OutsourcingPortaPoeple can also work with you as a solution provider and deliver your project on the turnkey projects basis.

Mobile Applications

iOS and Android development with state of the art user interface and experience.

website development
Website Development

We develop websites that are dynamic, effective and appropriate for the intended target audience, optimized for search engines and responsive on Mobile and tablets.

Business solutions
Sharepoint Solutions

Built to lower operational costs, with confidently and enable social collaboration and knowledge management.


Why PortaPeople ?


Savings in payroll cost.

Free of

Localization, residency renewal fees, and other legal expenses.


Expanding/reducing your virtual team as your business requires.

Free of

Office furniture Computers,telephony and renting office space.

Free of

Annual traveling, transportation cost

Free of

HR and administration overhead.

CEO Message

As the head of information technology and customer care in leading US Hussam MostafaFortune 500, European, and Middle Eastern companies, where I spent more than two decades of my career, I found that People were the most critical factor in the success and the growth of these privileged companies.

Simply because we “people” always have the choice!

Me and PortaPeople team, have made the choice to continuously contribute to our customer’s success. Through our People, Best Practices and Our Core Values we deliver smart services and solutions that makes exceptional difference and value to our customers.

Husam Mustafa

Our Core Values

  • Talent for us is not only the skills, experience and knowledge people have. It is their ability to transform them to customer’s worthwhile value.
  • We are driven by our values where doing the right thing is the first and master principle of our guiding values.
  • Doing things right gives us the confidence in the work we do and our customers the true reliability in every mission we work on.
  • Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle where we go extra miles to guarantee exceeding the normal level of satisfaction and we do measure it along every phase of work.
  • Service for us is not only our daily performance, it is also the value and impact we create for our: Customer, team and the community we live and operate in.
  • All of these guiding principles charge us to excel in achieving our mission making our vision a living reality.