Software development and outsourcing solutions

We help teams to improve internal productivity and customer satisfaction.

About PortaPeople

PortaPeople is a software development, consulting and outsourcing company. We provide businesses and organizations with a specialized systems and outsourcing solutions to increases internal organizational productivity, people collaboration and customer satisfaction.

PortaPeople provides a high-quality systems that’s on-budget and on-time.




we have a variety of Application Development Services and Solutions that will improve your business

Systems Development

we develops systems to you for boosting productivity

Service Desk Systems Automation

We are specialized in providing service desk workflow systems for business service processes automation

Workflow Systems

We provide a custom work flow systems to optimize and automate business processes for boosting efficiency, simplicity, avoiding errors and reducing waste

Web Development

We build a dynamic cross platform systems that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to maximize the value of their products and boost customer’s satisfaction.

Mobile Apps Development

We design and develop applications for smartphones and tablets, integration solutions and technical consulting in the field of smart phones software

Outsourcing Solutions

we provide a full time and part time employees in the fields of Information Technology, Media, and Marketing.


HubnSub Workflow Platform

Hubnsub is a flexible workflow system that simplifies team’s processes and service desk operation.Hubnsub, helps organization heads and department managers to transform and publish their services as service a catalogue that is easily consumed by their internal and external client and pears,meanwhile provides wealth of information and KPIs about the processes, utilization, customer satisfaction and efficiency of various, processes, teams and service members in the organization


PortaPeople developed the SICS web portal (Scientific and Industrial Clustering System) in cooperation with the TARIEIC incubator SICS team. SICS is a social system used for linking research with industry. The system can be used by researchers, corporations and governmental organizations to ask for solutions and help in issues in a specific industrial field.


Innovation and consistent performance are the two main success ingredients of any idea and business. The way PortaPeople bring people talents and skills to the chain of value is dynamic and pioneering.
Managing Director Allied Technology and Engineering Services Co.
Eng. Bassil AbdulAziz
Efficiency through collaboration; When we talk about corporate collaboration solutions and portals, we mean new levels of efficiency that changes the chemistry of how people communicate, think and perform across. Excellent performance, understanding of customer needs and innovation are not new to Husam and sure won’t be new to PortaPeople with Husam’s leadership"
CEO AL Salem Johnson Controls
Dr. Mohanad AL Shaikh